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Dear Visitor,

As President for 2018, I would like to sincerely welcome you to the website for the Delta Phi Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu Professional Business Fraternity at the University of Michigan! Phi Gamma Nu is one of the largest coed business fraternities in the United States, encompassing a rich history dating back to its founding in 1924 at Northwestern University. 

We pride ourself on three pillars: professional, social, and philanthropy. As a member of Phi Gamma Nu, you have access to a network of dynamic leaders, both on and off campus. Recent exclusive networking events include Deloitte, McKinsey, LinkedIn, Google, and Qualtrics. 

With 100 members, we are a family that celebrates the individual. In addition to our professional offerings, we host social events and volunteer with numerous local organizations in order to build lasting friendships while giving back to our community.

Our motto, "Business through mindset, not just major," showcases our commitment to diversity. We encourage all majors to apply to further explore your business interest. 

I hope you will continue browsing our website to learn more about who we are, what we stand for, and where you can fit in. If you have any questions, please contact me at We look forward to meeting you!

Nicole Wiesenfeld

our pillars


Nicole Wiesenfeld

Nicole is a junior in Ross concentrating in Technology and Marketing. Originally from New Jersey, she enjoys running and tutoring in her spare time. Outside of PGN, she is also a Project Manager for Nexecon Consulting Group and a Marketing Analyst for Michigan Advertising and Marketing Club. For the past two summers she interned at Deloitte, and is now very excited to serve as PGN's President.

Sharanya Pai
External VP

Sharanya is a junior getting a dual degree in Art and Design and International Studies. She went to International Academy and grew up in Germany and China. She works at the intersection of design and activism by interning at companies like ONE Mile in Detroit Michigan, and Guerrilla Politic in Plymouth, Michigan.

Anna Fabrizio
Internal VP

Anna is a junior majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and is interested in pursuing a career in hospital administration. She is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended East Grand Rapids high school. Anna enjoys going to local concerts and watching movies. Last summer she worked in Ann Arbor and volunteered at the hospital, and will be working at DocNetwork electronic health record company this upcoming semester.

Matthew Riecker
VP Finance

Matthew is a sophomore studying Economics and Computer Science. Originally from the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois he enjoys spending his free time in downtown. Last summer, he worked at Nordstrom and will continue to work there this upcoming summer.

Sarah Twinney
VP Membership

Sarah is a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Business. She was born in Troy, MI, grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and attended high school in Boston, MA. In her free time, Sarah enjoys hockey, writing, and watching movies. The past two summers, she has worked at her family’s brewery, Start Line Brewing, and this summer, she will be interning abroad in Australia.

Claire abdo
VP Communications

Claire is a junior studying Art and Design. From Kalamazoo, Michigan, she loves art, hiking, and reading. Last summer, she studied abroad in Copenhagen. She is currently applying to advertising and graphic design firms for internships this coming summer.